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Award-winning Design

InventionDemos helps inventors and product developers create dynamic and compelling presentations of their ideas that can be used to explain and promote them to potential licensees, manufacturers or consumers.
We specialize in creating interactive 3D animation, 3D still images,
web sites, Flash presentations and patent drawings.

We are not an invention marketing or promotion service. We simply provide design and animation services with a focus on invention presentations. It is our belief that no one else will have the passion to market your invention like you will.
To learn more about how to license or venture your invention we recommend that you get involved in a local inventor support group and attend as many meetings as you can. Some useful resources are listed at the bottom of this page.

InventionDemos.com is owned and operated
by 3D Animator and Presentation Consultant, James Fisher.

I enjoy working with inventors to help them bring their products to life on the screen. While my focus is on helping individual inventors, I have also created complex 3D animation and Flash presentation projects for large multinational companies such as Cisco Systems, Rambus, Hexcel Corp. and KLM - Air France. Regardless of your 3D animation needs, I may be able to assist you.

Some of the awards I have received for my work are listed here.


Sample Invention CAD Model


Invention Presentation Image


Mars Science Lab Curiosity Rover

Sample 3D Invention Videos

  • eyeCam (NEW! Click on the product titles in the flyout slides for each of the eyeCam models to view the 3D videos).
  • Dog Toy Stuffingless Skins (Pet toy design: II recently designed these from scratch for a popular pet products manufacturer. The toys are scheduled to hit stores this summer).
  • iWrap (This was a personal project that has since been abandoned due to obsolescence. This example shows how 3D illlustrations can be presented in a dynamic way without any 3D animation.)
  • Siege Stoves (Compact, durable stoves for camping and survival)

I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area but my clients come from all over the world. I will frequently complete a project without ever meeting the client. Email me or call (USA) 925-949-4785 for a free consultation.

Invention Sell Sheet Sample Image

Invention Sales Sheet Animation 3D

Note: Much of my best Invention illustration and animation work is under nondisclosure agreements and unfortunately cannot be displayed. However, the samples shown on this page below should provide a good sense of the range and quality of my work.

I have produced many animations, drawings, and photorealistic still images that cover a broad range of invention types.

3D Lock Set exploded view

Invention 3D Graphics & Illustrations

I can use 3D models and frames from 3D animations to generate still images at any resolution for printed promotional materials, product instructions, package illustrations and patent drawings. I can also design a logo for your product or business.

3D invention video image

You can view more of my award-winning 3D animation and web design work at bigbug.com

Pet Product Designer

Sample 3D Patent Drawings


Orbit Baby Stroller 1

Orbit Baby Stroller 2


Orbit Baby Stroller 3

Orbit Baby Stroller 4

More Examples at my other site 3DPatentDrawings.com


I am occasionally invited to present at independent inventor group meetings.
You can view my speaker notes here:

Notes from Inventor's Alliance presentation

(Note: this may require Internet Explorer to display the PowerPoint content)


Inventor Resources


Highly informative seminars presented by Stephen Key, a successful inventor, produced by Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, the long-time president of the Inventor's Alliance.

This is an invaluable resource for any inventor who wants to learn how to streamline the process of bringing an invention to market. Even the most experienced inventor should find this a must-attend seminar. Many attendees return again and again because of the valuable insights learned. The cost is low and it represents excellent value for money. They also have a home study course available for those who can't travel to Northern California. Tel: 1-800-701-7993


A great place to work on your own projects. They provide a wide range of machine tools that you can use and offer a variety of classes. New facilities are planned around the country.

San Francisco Bay Area Inventors' Societies and Support Groups

These are a few links to active nonprofit inventors' societies in Central and Northern California.

They are great groups and invaluable resources for networking, learning from other inventor's successes and missteps, hearing informed speakers on very pertinent topics, and gaining tips on how to avoid being ripped off by shady invention marketing businesses. These are all friendly, experienced and supportive groups.

Inventors Alliance

Inventor's society with Santa Clara and Los Angeles, CA chapters). Membership is very reasonable and includes online access to videos of past events. Phone: 650-964-1576

P.S. Take a look at their new site navigation design -- we designed it for the Inventor's Alliance (we also do web design and have received some prominent awards for our work).

** NEW ** Inventor's Alliance Internet Chapter. Now you can view past meetings online from anywhere in the world!

View and Purchase my models at Turbosquid

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